12th April , 2013 - Everest Base Camp

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Everest Base Camp

April 12, 2013 - Everest Base Camp

We woke up in Gorak Shep with fog breath and frozen Nalgene bottles due to the freezing temps and had some good hot breakfast. We then headed out for our final destination: Everest Base Camp! The weather and views were perfect during the entire trek in between dodging yaks and porters with loads as big and heavy as refrigerators. Once at EBC, the sky was so deep blue that it looked almost black and the world's biggest snow-capped peaks almost 360 degrees around in which China's border ran along the tops of them. Although Everest itself is only partially visible from EBC, a feature that also dominated the immediate landscape was the fabled, treacherous Khumbu icefall where all climbers attempting to climb the summit from the Nepal side must pass first on their way to Camp 1. Upon arrival, Peak Promotion greeted us with a white sash symboling good luck, the Khata and had a very homely tent adorned with prayer flags, flora, and refreshments. After our warm welcome, we wandered over to the Khumbu icefall with Charlie and hiked around the amazing ice features, snapping magnificent picture throughout. Upon returning to the tent we had a very tasty meal including French fries, Chapatti (Nepali tortillas), spicy sardines, and the first real juice (grape) in weeks. We had some good conversation and laughs with the Indian climbing team, Sherpas and Karina. Karina is a Brazilian high-altitude doctor, helo pilot and scuba instrutor that was been the Everest doc for three years and is now attempting to climb the summit for the first time. 

After some memorable good-byes to the friends we've met along the journey, we trekked back down to Lobuche, mostly downhill for the first time to the sound of yak bells and Nepali techno in a cool wind to the Mother Earth House. Yak traffic jams on cliff side trails can be hazardous. We unpacked, chilled out, and had some well-deserved dinner.  

-Gus, Gino & Diz


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