7th April , 2013 - Tengboche

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April 7, 2013 - Tengboche

What Gus did: I Woke up feeling much better from my food poisoning episode after being in bed about 21 hours the day before and lots of water, hot lemon drink and garlic soup. Lakpa stayed behind as my Sherpa and took the most excellent care of me, bringing all my food and drink to my bed.

A local girl whose father lives in Tengboche came with Lakpa and I as we headed out towards our next destination: Deboche (12300 ft).   It was mostly flat and downhill until we crossed the river after a small lunch. The route to Tengboche (town right before Deboche)was all steep uphill switchbacks. By the time I met up with Diz/Gino the fog had rolled in.

Gus, Gino & Diz: We headed back up to Tengboche to be a part of a Buddhist monk ceremony in a huge beautiful monastery on the top of a ridge. We sat on carpet, legs crossed and shoes off to be a part of the ceremony. Once the ceremony began, the head monk hymned the prayer at an extremely fast, yet fluid rate for over 30 min barely taking inhales to continue chanting. It was very impressive to witness and calming at the same time in the very decorative and dimly lit monastery. After the ceremony we had Charlie gladly blessed by one of the monks who was grinning ear to ear. We then headed back to the Rivendell lodge down the hill in Deboche for dinner and guitar entertainment from Rob Dailey (aka Diz) of the band Infidel.

-Gus, Gino & Diz