10th April , 2013- Trek back to Lukla

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WMS team
10th April, 2013- Today was our last day of trekking.

Today was our last day of trekking.  Everyone is recovering well and all were very lucky.  The things we have experienced on this last day have reminded most of us just how short life is and how important the people we love are compared to material things.

Dinner is over and our minds are doing their best to wind down and prepare for the flight out of Lukla to Kathmandu early tomorrow morning.  I am so thankful to have the wonderful care of our Sherpa’s, the   watchful eyes of our Dr.’s and the selflessness of new friends on this entire trek.  I have had a wonderful time and have enjoyed the beautiful views.  However, my memories and my heart will always be with the friends I have made and the memories we have shared.