6th April , 2013- Everest Base Camp - Day2

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6th April, 2013- Everest Base Camp - Day 2

So fricking cold last night!! We awoke to frost on the inside of our tents. The Sherpas warmed us up pretty quickly with tea delivered to our tents then a money breakfast of pancakes and eggs. We were taking out to the gateway to the Everest Summit on the Khumbu Ice Fall – with a lot of aggressive “spotting” from the Sherpas. Who knew a glacier could be so slick, luckily only a few bottoms and egos got bruised (i.e. Liz 6+ times). 

Glen, Jim and myself decided to cruise the neighborhood and popped in on some of the other camps. The Everest Extreme 2 camp was very impressive, researchers are living there for 2 months running clinical hypoxia experiments – unfortunately we were not allowed to ride the stationary bikes in their lab to see how low we could drive our oxygen concentration. They had a very impressive set-up, the lovely young lady showing us around had just had her thigh muscle biopsied hours earlier and it her mitochondria were being analyzed in their technical lab. We also stopped into a few other camps looking for any night-life later that evening, however, it was too early in the season and the Dome tent that houses the cash bar was not open yet.  

Later that evening, after a great meal of Buffalo Dal Baht, the much anticipated Scrabble rematch went down. Jim single handedly – without any help from anyone else – took over as champion. After the carrot cake desert, warm water bottles were filled to be stuffed down into sleeping bags, extra layers were piled on and the day concluded with Jim taking amazing pictures of the stars over the moutains.

HRA tent


Eveerst Base Cam Lunch




naked at Khumbu Icefall