28th March, 2013- Acclimatize Day

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WMS 2013
28th March, 2013- Acclimatization Day 

Today we had a rest day in Namche to acclimatize to the elevation. We took a short hike up to the Sagarmatha National Park Sherpa Museum and Everest view point. It was too cloudy to see the mountain. Liz demonstrated her gymnastic skills and challenged Clay to a cart wheel-off. We then made a team pyramid. One team member was delayed a day due to stomach trouble but was able to climb up to Namche today and rejoin us. We have gotten to know each other better divided into three groups: the old geezer men (over 50) that are protected from mountain sickness by brain atrophy. The male young guns who are protected by testosterone and then the women who just make fun of all of us weaker sex.

Some of us have new nicknames:

Clay - the "frat boy" In last place for beard competition
Barry - the "mountain goat" who moves like the energizer bunny AKA "inspector gadget" for all his gear
Glen - "steep and cheap" who buys everything at a discount
Sam Mackenzie - "little bro" in first place for beard competition (he did take a two week head start"
Chris - "Spartan Dash" Stewart who has not changed his shirt yet.
Liz - "don't call me our fearless leader" who is our fearless leader, lead gymnast, opera singer and ER doctor
Jim - "GoPro" Shultz AKA "housekeeping" when he knocked our door to deliver our Diamox study medications
Suzi Mackenzie - "big sis" one of the Everest ER doctors we are honored to accompany to base camp
Kirstie - "the instigator", bakery fanatic another Everest ER doc
Pranav - "the quiet one" the Nepal member of the Everest ER team
Alena - "blue jeans" Govorounova our Russian, living in Japan Comparative Religion professor
Deja - "Windhorse" Lamoure who has all the spirit and tenacity of the mountain
John - "Condor" Higginbotham for whom we thought the condors might be circling but with tenacity is accomplishing his dream
Laura - "sherpette" dressed always in blue

And last "papa Sherpa" aka me who is trying to protect his sherpette from the young guns
In a serious note we have been very impressed with the Everest ER team and would encourage everyone to explore theEverestER.org and consider making a donation. You can also like them on Facebook to get updates over the climbing season.

Chris Clark

Love to Linda, Theresa, Brian and David. We are having a great adventure!

Hello to Marji and Kirsten…..Miss you guys!
Deja LaMoure

Greetings Johnny, Jenay, ML, Jeff, Fran, Patty and Peggy. There are no Condors up here!
John H.



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