October 7, 2014 - Trek Back to Potana

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Jhinu Danda

October 7, 2014 - Trek to Potana

After a sound sleep courtesy of the hot springs, we got up for sunrise in Jhinu, ready to head further down the valley to Pothana. Along the way, we traversed "New Bridge", which is actually one of the oldest bridges we encountered on the trail – made of steel cables and planks of wood about 100 ft over rushing rapids of the Modi River. We then walked through farm land, past rice fields and waterfalls. As we ascended the opposite side of the river, we stopped for lunch in Tolka at the Ram House. After waiting over an hour for a very basic lunch order, we went to investigate to find that the cook had gone to Languk to play volleyball for the day. The owners were trying their best in the kitchen, and ended up producing a great fried rice and noodle, to their credit.

We then continued the trek up a never ending stone staircase, quite possibly the longest of the trip. And we thought we were in store for an easy final full day… But unscathed in the end, we arrived in Pothana and have a very pleasant abode for the evening with a final view of the mountains to come in the morning before heading to Phedi then Pokhara to conclude the trek.