October 6, 2014 - Trek Back to Jhinu Danda

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Jhinu Danda

October 6, 2014 - Trek Back to Jhinu Danda

Update from yesterday's entry: last night we had front row seats to the song and dance that accompanies the annual festival, which has been going on since our arrival in Nepal. There were male drummers and female singers and dancers performing traditional Nepali music, who were joined by other trekkers in attempts at mimicking moves. A good time was had by all, causing us to stay up until 9 pm…way past our bedtime!

This morning we started at a more leisurely pace, backtracking from Sinuwa to Chhomrong. We enjoyed a morning milk tea at our favorite "Excellent View Hotel" for old times’ sake. We then continued downhill to Jhinu and the infamous hot springs, which did not disappoint. The hot springs are about 1 mile downhill from our teahouse in the village into the valley along the Modi River. The water coming out of the hillside makes 4 of the best showers one might imagine, and 3 hot pools. We enjoyed an afternoon of Himalayan luxury, well deserved after several hard days on the trail.

Even as we climb down the valley out of the mountains, we are still being treated to magnificant mountain views. Right before sunset Annapurna South and Ganga Purna were as beautiful as ever. We finished off the day with some amazing Dal Bhat, banana fritters, and mint tea, and are headed to prepare water for tomorrow, the last full day on trail.



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