September 30, 2014 - Trek to Ghorepani

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September 30, 2014 - Trek to Ghorepani

Woke this morning to a beautiful sunrise and mountain view. A stray dog was very attached to Dave during breakfast, and subsequently followed us all the way to Ghorepani, our evening destination. We hiked mostly through rainforest, uphill once again (up to 9500 ft), and witnessed the largest rhododendrons one might imagine…making our USA versions envious.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and doing a practice run for our early morning hike to Poon Hill tomorrow for sunrise. Despite rain most of the afternoon, we did catch an evening glimpse of Annapurna. Prior to that glimpse, we were housed by Dorji in cards, and have offered him a subsequent visit to Las Vegas if Nwang will allow.

Now off to bed (7:05 pm) after some fried noodles and fritters. We are enjoying the sunrise to sunset lifestyle.