23 April, 2014 - Annapurna Base Camp

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Tent Peak Expedition
23 April, 2014 - MBC to ABC down to Deurali (12500ft- 13500ft- 10500ft)

We started the trek early at 5.45 am as we wanted a clear view of the mountains. The sun was already shining and had created a pink glow on Annapurna South,which everyone hastened to click. The temperature was freezing ,so all of us had worn layers of clothing though we were going to climb up. The trek started thru snow and most of it was like that,only small patches were without snow.as it was cold and the walk was thru snow in addition we were gaining altitude it was slightly tough. As we came closer ABC lodge came into our view first ,but we still had about half hours climb left.Finally we reached the most awaited moment,the board which declared that we were at ABC(4130 mtrs)!The view 360 degrees was only mountains .To our left was a small part of Hiunchuli, followed by Annapurna South ,Varaha peak, then the tallest Annapurna I(main)stood at 8091mtrs,Singu chuli ,Tent peak,Annapurna 3 (7555 mtrs),Gandharva chuli, and last Macchapuchare which completed the circle. This is one or probably the only place where one can get a 360 degree view of so many beautifull Himalayan peaks.

We took lot of pics there and then went up, to one of the 3 lodges and had a sumptuous breakfast of bread ,omlettes and hot chocolate.Then we decided to  look around .The lodges were surrounded by about 6 ft snow ,we made our way thru a path which led us toward the glacier.And again we got a stunning view of the landscape. We were actually overlooking the glacier below us (500 ft below,this is a guess) a mixture of ocre yellow moraine and ice, and huge in size . the entire landscape was stunning and awesome! After about 15-20 minutes we decided to go back to MBC as the weather was already turning cloudy.at 10 am we started our descent thru snow again which had become slippery and were at MBC  by 11.30 . After lunch at 12.45 we started our descent to Deurali,by then the weather had already turned bad,it had strated snowing once again.We moved as fast as we could without any breaks and were at Deurali at 2.30 ,and just in time ! The dark clouds which had gathered burst into heavy rain which lasted till about 6 pm.The temperature dropped and we got into our warm jackets once again. After dinner we retired at 8 pm to our beds and sleeping bags.