22 April, 2014 - Machhapuchhre Base Camp

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Tent Peak Expedition
22 April, 2014 -Deurali to MBC(Machhapuchre base camp):  10500 ft to 12500 ft

We started the trek post breakfast at 8  with a lot of excitement as this second last leg was taking us closer to the magnificent Annapurna range. It started with a short steep climb ,a mild descent and then down into the modikhola river crossing by a small iron bridge. We trekked for about 45 mins on the opposite side which involved walking thru rocky paths thankfully not very steep. We came down again to the river crossed over to the other side again by another small bridge.Then started the ascent which was about 50 to 60 degrees ,some patches were slightly slippery due to the recent snowfall. At many places we crossed mountain side streams again a mixture of snow and mud. As we completed 2 hrs of the trek,the  ascent became slightly steeper ,some trekkers going down cheered us up by telling us that we were almost there which was about 40 mins of climbing left. 

As we came closer to our camp,our hearts started beating faster not only becoz of the exertion but also becoz we were approaching our second last point on our trek! We were now breathing harder as the altitude was steadily increasing. As we reached the final steps to our lodge our hearts stopped beating for the view to our left was something we had never seen in our entire life! There stood in all his golden magnificence Annapurna South! Next was Varaha shikhar.After that the view was blocked, but behind us Macchapuchre and his companions kept us company throughout the trek.The entire view was breath stopping and moving,as though the Almighty had given special attention in creating these mammoth at the same time very beautifull structures. The lodge name MBC lodge was also very good. The rooms were small on a shared basis ¾ bedded,but clean with shared toilets and a paid hot bath facility and with a big dining hall and a long dining table. These lodges are a very comfortable facility and a luxury for those who have done trekking only in India, where u have to tent it out. Now coming back to MBC, it was so beautifull that some of us had lunch outside enjoying the sunny weather and the magnificent view! In the afternoon the weather turned cloudy and it started snowing! It was with amixed feeling that we watched this as it is a rare experience for us puneites ,at the same time we were anxious as we still had our last leg left from MBC to ABC (2 hrs climb).

We spent the evening singing songs in the dining hall and had a merry time  as our team of porters and guides also joined in. finally retired at about 8 pm making a mental note to wake up at 4.30 am so as to start the last lap at 5.30 am.