16 April, 2014 - Trek to Ghorepani

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Tent Peak Expedition
16th April, 2014 - ABC Trek Day 2 Ulleri-Banthanti-Nangedhanti-Ghorapani 6800ft to 9000ft

We started off at 8 am after a breakfast of masala omlette and Tibetan bread .Today’s climb was expected to be less strenuous than yesterdays, so we were more upbeat about it. We started the climb up on steps, interspersed with horizontal patches. As we progressed the landscape started becoming greener and more beautiful ,thru some forest, dotted with waterfalls and bridges across them.The water was crystal clear and freezing, straight from the snowy mountains! Towards the end of the trek i.e the last 1 hour we started getting a glimpse of what was to come in the next few days.The rhododendrons started  making their first appearance ,most of them yet to bloom ,but the ones which were, had a vibrant red shade, some were a light pink. We were completely taken in by their beauty and everyone suddenly became trigger happy with their cameras! Then at a distance someone caught site of another tree in full bloom with white flowers –the beautiful magnolias, sadly not many in numbers! The tiredness, fatigue just washed away for a few minutes. After walking continuously for 4 hours with only a few small tidbits breaks we were now getting impatient to reach our destination. Like yesterday the climb up on the last steps seemed never-ending for obvious reasons that we were now reaching the height of 9000 ft! As we climbed up to the hotel at 12.30 noon (after a 4 hours trek) a magnificent view was awaiting us – the Annapurna South which had still managed to keep the clouds away, so that we could admire it and once again forget the tiredness! The hotel named Super View was perched on a hill top with a grand view of the Dhaulagiri range, Nilgiri, and Annapurna South though we could see only Annpurna South because of cloudy weather. After a hot nepali set lunch, we continued to sit in the dining hall which was very big and with a water boiler in the centre which had warmed up the room making it very cozy! The rooms were upstairs with a beautiful view again and clean common toilets. Suddenly the weather turned cold and wet and stormy! Then it started to rain, which turned into hail! In the evening around 7 pm we had exotic food ranging from indian to italian !We made our plan for the next day ,which was to start at 6 am as the walk was going to be a longer one (6-7 hrs) from ghorepani to Tadapani and retired to bed at around 9 pm.