April 8, 2014 - Trek to Khumjung

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WMS 2014
April 8, 2014 - Was Into Thin Air

2 days since we left EBC and the oxygen levels are definitely being felt throughout the group. We arrived in the Amadablam lodge tonite to regroup. The more relaxed mood in the air reflected from well deserved showers from the thick yak dung dust that trails from our clothes. 

It feels surreal coming from EBC, almost felt like hobbits trekking back from 17,500ft. Czarina, yak wrestler, continues on her record trek cleaning quest. Sincerely making the trail far better than we found it. “Mountain” Dave continues to lead the pack. I do believe he is seeing more of this trek than most since he is able to see his angles of different perspectives. Very interesting guy really. Matt, who misses his lovely partner. Very palpable desire to get home.
Colleen, with dependable smiles grazed the trail as she met an Old Russian mountaineer who described his earlier mountain adventures. Greg, still crispy funny in my opinion. I think he may actually write a book some day. Jasmin, very cheerful on the inclined trail continues to shower the group with treats.  

I even caught Dave (Cardio) facetime talking with family in the AM discussing the NCAA. He has been getting stronger throughout the trek. Very stable. Tony, continues to watch over the crew. Despite his best efforts, a encountered photographer climber who suffered complex hand fracture, refuses to heed his warning on further climbing.  Diana feeling stronger today continues to trek down more successfully.

I don’t think I have come to terms with the fact that Ive gone to EBC. I woke up that last night to go for a walk to empty my bladder and the star studded sky and Ice Mountains made me cry a bit. Maybe it was mountain sickness. When your 7yo and read about the Himalayas from “Choose your own adventure books”, you never really think you get to be up there. Growing up as a city slicker, it seemed so far from reality. What do we learn or take home from this trip? Some realization? Some epiphany? A better perspective?

Tony said it would be hard to describe. Maybe, its because what we take home is a better myopic understanding of ourselves. Maybe we go home with what we came in with the first place. Our trek is far from over as we start to go our separate ways.



Everest Base Camp