April 6, 2014 - Everest Base Camp Day 2

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WMS 2014
April 6, 2014 - Everest Base Camp Day 2

So for today we awoke to a chilly first morning at Everest Base Camp. We are finally here and everyone survived the night using our sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners and, most importantly, our hot water bottles. The grandeur of the morning at base camp is quite an experience. The light touches the mountain in a variety of ways illuminating the ice and snow covered peaks in grays and whites and as it rose we began to see the blues of the glacier as it tumbles down the mountain. We had a great breakfast and then spent the first part of the day exploring the icefall. It was very slippery but crawling on our hands and knees through the most treacherous parts we were able to get back into the icefall a little and were able to really appreciate the amazing blues and agua marines unique to glacier ice. David, from Canada and use to really really cold environments, took a great picture in the icefall wearing shorts a t-shirt and flip flops. It was a great picture but don’t be fooled, he changed back to his mountain gear right after. The icefall was a great experience and some very special photos were taken. Later upon our return and after lunch we had a lecture on frostbite ….. a very important subject here at base camp which took us into mid afternoon. Importantly as well, our Sherpas and Everest ER Sherpas and Physicians got the Everest ER set up. A great deal of photos were taken which alas will not be able to reflect the immensity and beauty of Everest Base Camp – it truly is an amazing place. We finished the day with a great dinner topped off by a cake baked by Mingma, our cook at base camp, who spent about four hours baking it. How one gets a cake to rise at 17,000 feet is still a mystery to us. SO, for David, David, Diana, JB, Colleen, Jasmin, Greg Matt,Czarina, Tony , Eric, Susie and Sanjeeb we wish you all a good night – tomorrow we begin our journey home and will trek back to Pheriche.



Everest Base Camp