April 3, 2014 - Trek to Lobuche

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WMS 2014
April 3, 2014 - Trek to Lobuche

So after a deserved period of acclimatization at Pheriche the group had finally shaken off their mild symptoms induced by the high altitude and set off to gain further progress on our journey to Everest B.C. Faced again with a treacherous path loaded with the typical array of potential boobie traps – rocks, steep ascent and yak trains we were confronted with a new foe. Today was our first encounter with a significant amount of snow and ice which occupied large parts of the Khumbu Glacier.  The steep terminal moraine of the glacier, otherwise known as Dougla Hill was visible for miles in all of it’s ugly sizeable glory, as we all knew full well that we needed to climb it prior to reaching our destination of Lobuche, standing at almost 5000 meters altitude. The group would all agree that the standard of accommodation thus far has been surprisingly fair but as we approach base camp, Lobuche unfortunately does not offer easy access to electricity and running water that we had previously enjoyed. And on that note -  apologies to Jim G. and Tanya tonight who will be expecting their call. On a bright note although the rooms were so cold this afternoon the majority of the pack enjoyed some communal reading and chat over several litres of tea in the warmth of the restaurant, and on a personal note I was able to begin reading “Into Thin Air” which has proved a popular read amongst the group this trek, for those that are not aware documents a first person account of the 1996 Everest disaster. CME today focused around H.A.C.E. which haunts us all the higher we ascend but we head off to our sleeping bags now, armed with hot water bottles and excitement at the thought of tomorrow being our last day of travel before we touch our boots onto the base of the highest mountain on the planet.

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