March 28, 2014 - Trek to Namche Bazaar

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WMS 2014
March 28, 2014 - Trek to Namche Bazaar

We arrive at Namche about 1430. We trekked 6 hours with three short breaks. It was 82 degrees F in the sun with a decent breeze for cooling but unfortunately the breeze usually kicked up enough dust to be inconvenient. The total gain in elevation of approximately 1000M is misleading, with the undulations I’d guess we climbed an additional 1500 feet in going from 2610M to 3440M.  The final hill to Namche caused a spacing of the group. I’ll avoid listing the rankings, but suffice it to say the most senior of us held their own in the middle of the pack. I’m not sure how much longer that will be because the air is getting noticeably thin and from here up, their youthful physiology will have a distinct advantage.

Most of us are finding hiking poles an advantage.  JB, our tech master and product evaluator, has decided to leave his daypack on the Yak and combine with Diana’s. This was great for her because JB carried the lot. Czarina looked like Lawrence of Arabia with a T shirt covering everything but her eyes. An Everest ER Buff was loaned to her to her to be more fashionable.  She also needed to bandage up a few hot spots on her feet at mid day break.  Colleen’s sugar got a little low and needed addressing but things were back on track quickly.  Only one member has a case of traveler’s diarrhea.  We are all sympathetic and are happy it is not us yet.  

Diana, Eric, Sanjiv and Czarina have been reunited with their red Peak Promotions expedition bags left behind by the airline two days ago in Lukla.  They needed a special Yak train to bring them up arriving after dark.  I really don’t understand how these trails could be negotiated after dark by man or beast.

Eric, Tony, Matt, Sanjiv and I went out to shop before lecture at 1800 on travelers’ diarrhea. Most had time for showers before lecture and once again there were hot showers.  Dinner came around 1900.  We are at the Khumba Lodge. Jimmy and Rosaslyn Carter stayed here in 1985.

In all, the Tea houses and food have been far nicer than I imagined.  The physical challenges are noticeable but a steady pace with poles and a climbers’ step make the trek doable for even the typical mediocre condition many of us maintain. 

Most of us are participating on a Diamox study protocol but our ascent is conservative enough any altitude sickness is unlikely without it. We have a layover day tomorrow and will sleep in a bit and tour locally.



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local market in NAmche