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      For over one and half decades Peak Promotion has been leading the way of Film in Nepal. Not just an agent, but pioneering new approaches while filming which ensure your filming project will be qualitatively superior. Every year, a number of Film Crews come to Nepal to film about the Travel Destinations; Mountaineering Experience; Nepalese Culture and Tradition; Natural beauty, flora and fauna; and Archaeological Heritages of Nepal. Peak Promotion has always supported those Film Crews in doing vast research of the story, finding appropriate characters and most importantly doing all the logistics for getting the Filming Permit from the government and other necessary arrangements in the field. Peak Promotion has a wide experience working with the different types of films including simple documentaries with DV cameras, features with celluloid films and even the IMAX film. Peak Promotion also has climbers and other assistants who expertise working with the Film Crews. We also help you in finding the availability of Filming Equipment’s in Nepal.

Nepal as Filming Destination

Filming is the act of making a film. Films are artifact created by specific person or organization, which reflect cultures of definite place, natural beauty and historical background. Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method for educating or instructing people, as well as exploring hidden reality of specific place to the outer world.

Nepal is also known as mini world blessed by nature. It is the small country between the two ghost country China in north and India in east, west and south. Geographically it was divided in their parts; Himalaya – having highest peak of the world, hill and the low land terai. All these parts were famous for their natural beauty, cultural differences and traditions which were being practiced since immemorial. Within its short territory any one can fell different climate and experience different culture in practice. It is the home land of more than 100 ethnic groups, who speaks 93 different language or dialects. It is the fertile land cradled by the world highest mountain, naturally gorgeous, birth place of peace disciple, land of courageous man. Country where tradition and modernity blend together and people with diverse language, cultures, caste and religious co-exist.

Because of its incredible landscapes, breathtaking natural beauty, ancient temple, habitat of endangered species and unique culture make this kingdom awesome location for filming. This magnificent land is one of the famous locations for Adventure, Natural, Cultural, Religious, and Historical film.